Research Activity 2
Advanced Business Models (ABM) for integrated rail freight services

Responsible partner: KombiConsult

While RA 1 is scheduled to define appropriate business cases for rail freight services along the CREAM corridor, Research Activity 2 will investigate into the design of innovative business models and will develop a concept for transforming the currently applied model into a more competitive and customer-oriented business relationship. This work will have to distinguish two levels of rail service providers and their business models in question:

  • Business model of railway undertakings: they may sell their services to shippers, forwarders, shipping lines, and intermodal operators.
  • Business model of intermodal operators: they are used to incorporate two roles, the role of customers to railway undertakings and the role of logistics service providers to shippers, forwarders, road operators or shipping lines.

Research Activity 2 is divided into

  • RA 2.1 - Survey on rail freight customers' expectations towards business relations
  • RA 2.2 - Design, development and implementation concept of advanced business models
  • RA 2.3 - Validation, adaptation and improvement of business models during demonstration

Work Progress RA 2

The results of the related work packages are compiled in the deliverables DR 2.1, DR 2.2 and DR 2.3 which are all confidential.

The works for RA 2.3 is in progress.

There are no training and demonstration activities as direct follow-ups to research activity 2.

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