Work Package 6
Integrated telematic solutions for the train control and tracing of shipments

Responsible partners: Eureka / Kombiverkehr / DB Schenker

Research Activity 6 responds to an increasing market demand for efficient telematic solutions, which is also reflected in the focus of the European Railway policy, the underlying Call 4a of this proposal and the partners' interest that have been clearly pointed out in the preparation phase of this proposal. The ERTMS/ETCS priority corridors that have been defined on European level. Thereby a clear framework has been outlined for the next integration steps of this state-of-the-art technology. RA 6 makes reference to this approach, being subdivided in the different technological developments that are currently and in the near future influencing the transport sector most significantly:

  • RA 6.1 - GPS-Application for tracking and tracing of freight
  • RA 6.2 - Information and communication concepts

Work Progress WP 6

The results of the related research activities are compiled in the deliverables DR 6.1 and DR 6.2 which are both confidential.

The technological achievements have been transferred into related demonstration activities (DA 6.1 + DA 6.2). Since 2008 GPS-devices were installed on several trains on the CREAM corridor and continuously modified on the basis of these practical experience. The newly developed train monitoring platform "Train Monitor" has been put into practice, thereby integrating "real-time" train running information from different sources and an automatically calculated time of train arrival estimation.

The CREAM-Newsletter, Issue 2 from May 2008 (page 3) and Issue 5 from May 2009 (page 2) informed on the status of WP 6.1. Publishable results are included in the Final Report on page 56-63: "Tracking of trains and wagons by GPS or simple tracking methods".

The CREAM-Newsletter, Issue 2 from May 2008 (page 3) informed on the status of WP 6.2. Publishable results are included in the Final Report on page 64-71: "IT system Train Monitor".

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