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  • July 2012

    CREAM Final Report Book available

    We are happy to present you the BOOK on the PROJECT:

    The CREAM Project - Technical and organisational innovations on a European rail freight corridor

    It is a core part of the CREAM project dissemination and will be provided for non-commercial purposes. A PDF download you can find here. A printed paperback version will be distributed free of charge to any interested stakeholder while stocks last. If you wish to receive a copy, just send an email with the subject "CREAM Final Report book order" to, indicating your complete recipient data.

  • December 2011

    CREAM project successfully concluded

    After five years project work, in December 2011 the CREAM project has been concluded. "Improving the rail freight system on the transport corridors between Western and Southeast Europe and generating more volumes for the environmentally friendly transport mode rail" – these were the main operative goals of CREAM. A plus of more than one billion tonne kilometres in 2011 compared to 2006, the year before CREAM, indicates the overwhelming success of the project. A comprehensive description of all CREAM project activities will be available soon with the CREAM Final Report Book, to be published in the first half of 2012.

  • March 2011

    Invitation: Visit CREAM at transport logistic 2011

    From 10 to 13 May 2011, the CREAM project is participating in the transport logistic trade fair in Munich. During this event the project partners present their achievements in making rail transport a real option for logistic chains between Western and Southeast Europe:

    • Intermodal rail freight networks for Southeast Europe
    • IT monitoring system Train Monitor
    • NavMaster GPS tracking devices
    • Quality Management
    • Streamlined Border Crossings
    • FLOATRAILER Intermodal semi trailer for plate glass
    • ISU transhipment system for conventional semi trailers
    • Dual-power locomotive concept

    Visit us in hall B6 at stand 142!

  • August 2010

    InnoTrans Preview: CREAM partners show first-class transport solutions

    From September 21 to 24, the Hanover-based software and consulting company HaCon will again participate at the InnoTrans 2010 at a joint stand with PTV AG (126, hall 4.1a). A novelty this year: HaCon devotes a separate stand (102, hall 4.1a) to the latest technological developments within the EU research project CREAM:

    • Train Monitor software supervises rail transports
    • GPS NavMaster locates trains across Europe
    • ISU-Express makes combined transport possible
    • FLOATRAILER ensures smooth transitions in the glass transport
    • Boost for drive by dual propulsion hybrid locomotive

    More information you find in the related press release.

  • July 2010

    Preannouncement to InnoTrans trade fair & final CREAM Conference

    2010 is the final year of the CREAM project. CREAM offers several opportunities to learn more about the project achievements. Next are:

    • InnoTrans 2010 trade fair on 21-24 September in Berlin – you will find CREAM in hall 4.1 at stand 102
    • Final CREAM conference – this event will be held at the beginning of November 2010 in Brussels. Invitations and information on the conference program will be distributed in September.
  • June 2010

    Kombiverkehr has increased traffic on CREAM corridor relations

    At the end of June 2010, the German intermodal transport operator and CREAM partner Kombiverkehr has presented it's annual balance for the year 2009. It shows that the 2009 business development was still very much influenced by the economic crisis: Domestic traffic in Germany decreased by 18% and international traffic by 16% compared to 2008.

    In contrast to that total figure, in 2009 traffic towards Turkey and the Port of Rotterdam has developed positive. Both relations are part of the improvement packages, developed and implemented within the EU research project CREAM.

    Transport volumes towards Istanbul routed via the gateway Ljubljana have increased by 66%, the highest growth rate of all Kombiverkehr transport axes. The volumes between Germany and the Netherlands increased by 31%. A key factor for this success is the operational control of the entire service – developed in CREAM – and the sales-cooperation with Europe Combined Terminals (ECT) for intermodal trains between Dortmund/Duisburg and Rotterdam.

  • May 2010

    6th CREAM Newsletter published

    CREAM has been going on for more than three years. In this period numerous organisational and technological solutions have been developed. Moreover, the project work in international teams generated benefits such as knowledge transfer, mutual cultural understanding and better cooperation!

    These factors have led to remarkable service improvements. After the challenging economic situation in 2008/2009 the project achievements became effective by an increasing number of transports.

    Presently the CREAM partners are able to offer a wide range of rail freight services on the corridor. This 6th issue of the CREAM Newsletter will provide you with an insight on these developments. Enjoy this newsletter and learn more about following topics:

    • Duisburg-Rotterdam shuttle service expanded
    • The intermodal string-of-pearls network, composed of the open intermodal rail services of the CREAM partners and their intermodal co-operation partners
    • DB Schenker Rail establishes an intelligent block train operation concept on corridor

    A PDF-file of this newsletter can be downloaded here.

  • February 2010

    Higher frequency and faster transit times for the BEEX service Ljubljana – Halkali

    The Bosphorus Europe Express, initiated within the CREAM project by Kombiverkehr, Adria Kombi and their Turkish joint venture Europe Intermodal turns out to be a success story:

    From February 2010 the frequency has been increased to three times per week & direction. The regular transit time could be reduced from 60 to only 45 hours – which is faster than a truck.

  • October 2009

    Declaration on the improvement of intermodal transport handed over to Bulgarian Government

    The operating partners of the CREAM project and further stakeholder from the transport sector have executed a declaration to support the development of intermodal transport in Bulgaria. The signatory parties are of the opinion, that the share of intermodal transport can be raised considerably by improving decisive framework conditions. In detail it will be proposed to implement effective organisational structures for the terminal development and operation and to build a high-capacity container transhipment terminal in the Sofia region. Now this declaration has been handed over to the Bulgarian government.

    For more information please take note of the respective press release.

    The full declaration you will find here.

  • July 2009

    Heavy train with almost 2000 tons operated on the Tauern route

    As an extension to the Bosphorus-Europe-Express Ljubljana – Halkali the private train operator Lokomotion and the Slovenian Railways SZ operate the intermodal train München – Ljubljana with 5 train pairs per week. Even though the quality of this service is already very high – the punctuality rate is above 90 % - both CREAM partners always go for further improvements.

    One of such initiatives is the increase of train weights for this service: In July 2009 it could be managed that a train with remarkable 1954 tons passed the Tauern line. Never before was a train of this weight pulled up the north ramp of this Alpine pass, which possesses a long incline section with a gradient of 25,5 ‰. This success could be realised with a new form of traction on this section: 1 pulling loco in the front + 2 locos in the middle of the train + 1 pushing loco at the end.

    Meanwhile this form of traction has been accepted by the ÖBB Infrastructure also for regular services and has been offered by ÖBB to all other traction companies operating trains on this route.

  • May 2009

    5th CREAM Newsletter available at the transport logistic 2009

    On occasion of the transport logistic 2009 we present this 5th CREAM project newsletter. As announced in the last issue you find information on following main activities of CREAM project partners, which are all available at this trade fair for further explanations:

    • Successful demonstration of Y-train system München – Ljubljana / Cervignagno by Lokomotion / SZ / RTC
    • Multi-system loco started operation in new "CREAM – Moving Europe" design by Lokomotion / RTC / HaCon / KombiConsult
    • Betuweroute line capacity increases continuously due to ongoing "volume strategy" by Keyrail
    • Cost efficient train/wagon tracking with GPS and WPAN technology by Eureka

    A PDF-file of this newsletter can be downloaded here.

  • April 2009

    Visit us at the transport logistic, 12-15 May 2009 in Munich

    HaCon, coordinator of the CREAM project will be represented at the transport logistic with an own presentation. In hall B3 booth 209/312 you will have the opportunity to get detailed information on the work of the CREAM project, which mainly aims at improving the situation of rail freight towards South-East Europe. In this respect we offer, to bring you together with our project partners - your network of competence and experience in rail transport on the corridor between the Netherlands / Belgium and Turkey / Greece.

    Further topics on our booth are transport and logistics consulting services and the Train Planning System TPS of HaCon.

  • December 2008

    4th CREAM Project-Newsletter available

    The 4th Project-Newsletter is now published on the CREAM website. The main article of this newsletter informs about the

    • Successful start of a multimodal transport service Turkey/Germany

    A PDF-file of this newsletter can be downloaded here.

  • September 2008

    3rd CREAM-Newsletter available at the Innotrans in Berlin

    The CREAM works and the business activities of the CREAM partners have taken a remarkable development in the last months. This third project newsletter – published on occasion of the Innotrans – will keep you informed on the current activities. Within this issue you will find articles on following topics:

    • "String-of-pearls" operation concept (related to Work Package 4.2)
    • Extension of intermodal services in Turkey (WP 4.4)
    • New multimodal rail/short-sea service (WP 4.3)
    • New service for non-craneable semitrailers (WP 7.2)
    • Specialised plate glass semitrailers for intermodal services (WP 7.3)
    • Special trailers for temperature controlled cargo (WP 7.1)

    Get your personal paper copy on the Innotrans from CREAM project coordinator HaCon at hall 4.1 / booth 125.
    A PDF-file of this newsletter can be downloaded here.

  • June 2008

    Transport of temperature-controlled semi-trailers started on Connection Budapest-Ludwigshafen

    After a testing phase of approximately 6 months CREAM partner Kombiverkehr started in April 2008 to transport cranable, insulated and temperature-controlled semi-trailers for their customer – the German based forwarding company Mainsped – between Ludwigshafen and Budapest. The innovative semi-trailers have been developed and produced by the well known semi-trailer manufacturer Schmitz – the refrigeration unit has been supplied by Thermo King.

    For detailed information please have a look on the official press release of Kombiverkehr.

  • May 2008

    2nd CREAM Project-Newsletter available

    The 2nd Project-Newsletter is now available on the CREAM website. Highlights within the period after publication of the 1st Newsletter until now are the installation of the first GPS-devices of the "CREAM Generation" on trains of the Hellenic Container Shuttle between Mannheim (Germany) and Inoi (Greece) and the start of two new service offers:

    • Operational start of "Bosporus-Europe-Express (BEEX)" München-Ljubljana-Halkali on 30 March 2008
    • Transport of temperature-controlled semitrailers on Connection Budapest-Ludwigshafen since April 2008

    Besides these news this issue covers following main topics:

    • Quality Management System (related to Work Package 3.2)
    • GPS-Tracking (WP 6.1)
    • Concept for a joint train-monitoring platform (WP 6.2)
    • Long distance interoperable traction (WP 5.2)

    A PDF-file of this newsletter can be downloaded here.

  • April 2008

    "Bosporus-Europe-Express (BEEX)" Munich-Ljubljana-Halkali started operation on 30 March 2008

    The new service between Munich, Ljubjana and Halkali is part of the "String of Pearls" rail operation concept for unaccompanied intermodal transports, which is currently under development within the framework of the CREAM project. It is operated by "Europe Intermodal" the new Joint Venture of the well established Intermodal Operators Kombiverkehr (Germany) and Adria Kombi (Slovenia).

    For detailed information please have a look on the official press release of Kombiverkehr.

  • February 2008

    1st CREAM Project-Newsletter published

    This Newsletter is an official publication of the CREAM Project providing you with the latest information on the project work and important developments of the project partners such as changes in the company structure and new services.

    The CREAM Project Management will publish a newsletter in irregular order at important milestones of the project.

    This first issue covers following main topics:

    • General Assembly of CREAM in January 2008
    • Streamlining Border Crossing Procedures (related to Work Package 5.3)
    • Website
    • General Information from the Consortium

    A PDF-file of this newsletter can be downloaded here.

  • June 2007

    CREAM on the transport logistic 2007 in Munich

    HaCon as coordinator of the CREAM project will be represented on the transport logistic with an own company presentation, where you will get closer information about CREAM, our freight transport & logistics consulting activities and about HaCon software products for timetable & transport information & management systems. You are welcome, to visit us at area/booth B4.209/310.

    On this occasion you will have the chance, to get in touch also with other CREAM partners. Some of them are represented in München with own company presentations:
    Knorr-Bremse (area/booth B6.421), KombiConsult (B4.209/310), Kombiverkehr (B6 307/406), Lokomotion (B6.216), MAV Cargo (B6.319/418), Rail Cargo Austria (B6 217/318), Railion (B6.209/310), Rail Traction Company (B6.216), Intermodal (B6.209/310), SZ - Slovenian Railways (B4.221)

    Further information on the fair you will find at

  • Mar 2007

    Forwarders can state their requirements

    The market group of the CREAM project has prepared a common questionnaire and asks interested forwarders (both users and non-users of railways) to state their demand for rail freight and/or intermodal services on the corridor. Details can be found here.

  • Feb 2007

    High customer interest - additional customers invited for cooperation

    Several customers have already stated their interests in the CREAM project and appreciate the chance for new services and offers on this corridor. Their specific input will be included in the definition of the market requirements and they have the chance to influence the development of the new services directly.

    The coordinator will assemble all requests from the customer side until the beginning of March, before a jointly agreed User Panel will be established.

    Additional Customers - also current "non-rail users" - which have an interest in competitive rail freight/intermodal services are invited to contact the CREAM team via

  • Jan 2007

    CREAM Kick-off meeting on 15/16 January in Mainz

    On 1 January 2007 the CREAM project has officially started to connect North Sea and Bosporus with seamless railfreight services. On 15/16 January 2007 the CREAM partners came together in Mainz for the kick-off meeting, to coordinate their next actions for reaching the ambitious goals of the project.

    The partners intend to increase the reliability and sustainability of rail freight services on the European Mega-Corridor between Netherlands/Belgium and Turkey/Greece by developing and demonstrating new and optimised transport offers. Main components to be treated within the R&D (Research and Development) part are:

    • advanced business models and innovative train production concepts to attract different target markets,
    • interoperable rail traction by multi-system locomotives and improved border crossing procedures,
    • alternative routings using "motorways of the sea",
    • development of an advanced train monitoring system allowing railways customers real time information,
    • innovative technologies for the transport of temperature controlled cargo and semi-trailers in unaccompanied intermodal transport.
  • Sep 2006

    CREAM will start officially in January 2007 with 25 Partners operating on the transport corridor Netherlands/Belgium - Turkey/Greece

    During a 3 month period the European Commission has negotiated details of the CREAM project with the CREAM Project Management HaCon and Kombiverkehr. Compared to the proposal minor changes have been made with regard to the composition of the consortium, contents and budget. In September all parties have agreed on these issues and that the project will be started officially on 1st January 2007 with 25 partners, operating on the transport corridor Netherlands/Belgium - Turkey/Greece.

  • May 2006

    The CREAM Consortium has been invited for further negotiations

    In the first half of 2006 the European Commission has conducted an evaluation phase for the project proposals, submitted with respect to the call 4a of the 6th Framework Program. In a first step independent experts have been involved to assess the suitability of the proposals. The CREAM proposal met all requirements and finally the consortium has been invited by the European Commission for further negotiations.

  • Dec 2005

    The CREAM Proposal has been submitted to the European Commission

    On 1st July 2005 the European Commission has organised a Rail Research Information Day, to inform on the fourth Call of proposals within the 6th Framework Program for Research and Development. On this occasion the TREND-Project has been presented, to support interested stakeholders of the railway business in preparing a proposal. Some important stakeholders have taken the opportunity, to ask HaCon and KombiConsult for their support in preparing the proposal for the CREAM project, which has been finally submitted to the European Commission on 22nd December 2005.